NCSIP is established with amendments in the Roads Act from 19.07.2011 and operates under the provisions of Chapter IVa of the Act:

Act on amendment and supplement to the Roads Act, State Gazette 101/2015 [Bulgarian]

The main document regulating the activity of the company is the Statute on structure and activity:

Statute of NCSIP [Bulgarian]

Statute of NCSIP [English]


The general functioning of the company and its activity conduct are regulated in detail by the Internal Rules and Procedures of National Company Strategic Infrastructure Projects.

Internal rules and procedures of NCSIP [Bulgarian]

The most important document regulating the activity of the company related to Operational Programme on Transport 2007-2013 is the Procedures Manual:

Procedures Manual on OPT (edition 8.1) [Bulgarian]

Other internal rules on company’s activity:

Statute of Internal Audit Directorate [Bulgarian]

Ethical Code [Bulgarian]

Quality Manual [Bulgarian]

Declaration of the management for the policy of quality [Bulgarian]