Struma Motorway Lot 3.1, Lot 3.3 and Zheleznitsa Tunnel

PROJECT № BG16M1OP001-2.001.001

Total value of the project: BGN 739 425 318

Cohesion fund financing: BGN 628 538 520,30 

National co-financing: BGN 110 886 797,70

For the implementation of the project on 24.09.2015 a grant contract № ДОПТТИ-1/24.09.2015 was signed between the Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications as Managing Authority for Operational Programme “Transport and Transport Infrastructure” 2014-2020 and National Company Strategic Infrastructure Projects as beneficiary.

The implementation of the Struma Motorway will ensure safe and economical traffic on the route and contribute to the transport servicing of the adjacent regions. The facilitated transport access is an important precondition for the economic development of the local municipalities.

The completion of the motorway will fulfill the main goals of the project – improvement of the national and the Trans European networks, reduction of the road accidents, adequate service of the pаssenger and freight traffic, reduced travelling time for the route. The transfer of the traffic outside the towns and villages will contribute to the improvement of the traffic safety and will reduce the pollution levels for the citizens.


Contract for grant assistance under project № BG16M1OP001-2.001.0001 „Struma Motorway Lot 3.1, Lot 3.3 and Zheleznitsa Tunnel“ [Bulgarian]

Contract for grant assistance under project № BG16M1OP001-2.002.0001 „Preparation for implementation of Black Sea Motorway“ [Bulgarian]